Hello! I am Kirill Kryuchkov! I am a counseling psychologist, client-centered psychotherapist and a co-active coach. I have more than 10 years of experience.

I worked in different settings: crisis helpline, school psychology services, Universities. Since 2009 I maintain private practice.

During my career I encountered many outstanding persons in the world of psychotherapy: Fedor Vasilyuk, ALexande Orlov, Natalie Rogers, Irvin Yalom, Robert (Bob) Lee, Will Stillwell, Jef Cornelius-White, Alice Holzhey-Kunz, Venya Kolpachnikov, Jean-Marc Randin, David Palant and many others. Learning formally and informally from them I inhereted the strong belief in human potential and an ability of a person to overcome virtually any problem her/himself.

I invite clients for psychotherapy, counseling and coaching face-to-face (in Moscow, Russia) and via Skype (worldwide)!